Fogel & Partners launches Research & Analysis – complex communications landscape demands analysis

Fogel & Partners, today announced the launch of Research & Analysis in response to the rapidly evolving and increasingly intricate corporate communications landscape.

Effective messaging that cuts through the increasingly complex web of traditional channels, online- and social media to reach the right audience is a challenge today. In order to stress the importance of this development and to address these critical issues more effectively, a suite of services is today launched under the name Fogel & Partners Research & Analysis.

Research & Analysis will include: extensive mapping and scanning the communications landscape; positioning and benchmarking; conduct perception studies; measuring web, online and social media activities and monitoring and alert services.

The service will be offered customers as an integral part of Fogel & Partners strategic communications programs within Corporate Positioning, Issue Management, Transactions and Ongoing Advice. Responsible is Anders Isakson, Senior Advisor at Fogel & Partners, previously head of industry analysis at SEB Corporate Finance and management consultant at Enskilda Strategy and Siar Bossard.

”Our ambition is to provide our clients with sound and fact-based strategic communications advice. What is required, and increasingly demanded among clients, is a clearer picture of the intricate and rapidly evolving communications landscape and where and how opinions and perceptions form among different stakeholders, online as well as offline. We believe our joint capabilities and competences within Fogel & Partners address these challenges”, says Anders Fogel, founder of Fogel & Partners.

“Research & Analysis combines Fogel & Partners strategic communications expertise, senior attention and agility with deep know-how to provide state-of-the–art quantitative and qualitative assessment of a company’s communications landscape and corporate position”, commented Anders Isakson, Senior Advisor at Fogel & Partners.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Fogel, Founding Partner
Mobile: +46 722 044 750

Anders Isakson, Senior Advisor
Mobile: +46 725 538 303

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