Fogel & Partners Quarterly – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year of Communications

The legendary public relations and communications guru Leon Nordin once said: “Everybody I meet have two jobs – mine and their own”.

The loose and somewhat undefined nature of corporate communications is perhaps to some extent the consequence of the industry’s own inability to really package its offering and make it, well, more scientific or fact-based for want of better words. But since the corporate world is constantly becoming more and more multifaceted and ever-changing, with a continuously growing demand for rationality and measurables, and where execution and precise deliverables become increasingly important, it is time for corporate communications to be an integrated, central part of the process of value creation.

Think Alfred P Sloan, who propelled GM to become a world leader based on his belief in scientific and rational approach to management. That is the reason for the launch of our new service, called Research & Analysis, which is a direct response to the rapidly evolving and increasingly intricate corporate communications landscape.

We have created a bespoke suite of products, including mapping, positioning, benchmarking, gauging and measuring perceptions online and offline, in order to provide our customers with sound, holistic strategic communications advice to the customers, and do so at early point in time to ensure results and stability. We believe it is vital to provide both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of a company’s corporate position for the executive management; simply, to give them a neutral and calculable 360 degree view of the company and its position with its stakeholders.

With Christmas and New Year coming up, we want to send heartfelt seasonal greetings to our friends near and far. And knowing that a lot of people will not have a home and a family to go to during the holidays, we have decided to make a donation to the non-profit organisation Stockholms Stadsmission, that since its inception in 1863 works to make Stockholm a more humane city for everyone. With that, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we look forward to be catching up with you in 2014.