Fogel & Partners Summer Greeting

Dear friends,

Although many health experts had warned of the risks of a global pandemic, there was no prepared manual or crisis plan that could be put into place when the coronavirus ravages became a global reality in the spring of 2020. Individuals, companies, countries and global organisations have all been tried and continuously forced to improvise in the attempts to mitigate the effects of the pandemic without knowing the best solution.

For listed companies, providing information to the capital market became a particularly difficult issue. How to communicate an unprecedented event in real time and in compliance with the regulatory framework while the logic and dynamics of the whole economy are disrupted? In conjunction with the outbreak in March, Fogel & Partners started to monitor how Swedish listed companies communicated around the impact of COVID-19. Please find below a summary of our findings, including a few reflections that might be useful as we now approach the Q2 reporting season.

The pandemic has also exposed other dimensions of how companies respond to the challenges ahead. The disruption provides a great opportunity to define or redefine a company’s purpose to be relevant also in the future. For many, that includes finding a new narrative to reflect the emerging ways we do business and engage with our stakeholders to define our role in society. When this is over, the future entails many important strategic decisions and opportunities. Thank you all, clients and partners, for placing your trust in us during these difficult times.

We wish you a fantastic summer season!

All the best,

The Fogel & Partners team

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