Swedish Large Cap CEO’s not visible online

Few Swedish Large Cap CEO’s are visible online. This according to a survey of the 58 largest companies on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm conducted by the strategic communications advisors Fogel & Partners and Eklips Digital Advisors.

According to the survey, made in October 2012, only one quarter of the companies use a YouTube account to make CEO interviews visible. 19 per cent use Slideshare to publish and spread CEO interviews, 16 per cent of CEO’s has a LinkedIn profile and only one CEO is active on Twitter.

”If you make a strategic decision to be proactive in your contacts with stakeholders, it should be as natural to be visible online as in traditional channels”, says Anders Fogel, Founder of Fogel & Partners.

Also on corporate websites, the exposure of CEO’s is limited. According to the survey, almost a quarter of the companies lack a CEO biography on the corporate website, and 40 per cent do not publish CEO presentation slides (except quarterly reports) on their website.

“It is surprisingly few listed companies who choose to use online channels to make their CEO visible. That makes it difficult during for instance a crisis, when it is particularly important for the company to control the messages, no matter the channel”, says Peter Einarsson, Founding partner of Eklips Digital Advisors.

The survey shows that Michael Wolf at Swedbank is overall the most visible CEO online, via, for instance, information on Swedbank’s corporate website, his visibility on Google and corporate accounts in social media with specific CEO content. Swedbank’s website also includes an extensive CEO biography, several interviews, images and uploaded presentations.

Additionally, Jan Johansson, SCA, and Keith McLoughlin, Electrolux, finish high up in the ranking. A common denominator for them is that the companies present the CEO in a transparent way. The companies have also added content on YouTube and Slideshare.

“To succeed online, you must build your presence during a lengthier time using several different channels. Since many of the company’s stakeholders are active online today, it is necessary to use this channels to spread your messages”, says Peter Einarsson.

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Anders Fogel, Founder of Fogel & Partners
Mobile: +46 722 044 750
E-mail: anders.fogel@fogelpartners.se

Peter Einarsson, Founder of Eklips Digital Advisors
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E-post: peter.einarsson@eklips.se

Note to editors

Top 5 in the survey (58 companies)

1. Michael Wolf, Swedbank 85 points (Maximum 130)
2. Jan Johansson, SCA 80
3. Keith Mcloughlin, Electrolux 80
4. Hans Vestberg, Ericsson 65
5. Lars Nyberg, Telia 50



The survey was conducted in October 2012 and consisted of all 58 CEO’s on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm Large Cap. We evaluated the CEO’s visibility, and for each area they received 0, 5 or 10 points. For example:

Does the company publish a CEO biography on their corporate website?

  • Yes – Extensive, 10 points
  • Yes – Short, 5 points
  • No  – 0 points

Has the CEO a Twitter account?

  • Yes – 10 points
  • No  –   0 points

Areas included as basic data in the survey result

Corporate website

  • CEO biography
  • Images
  • Presentations
  • Transcripts
  • Written CEO statements
  • CEO statements in audio/video

Searches Google first page (name + company)

  • In Swedish
  • In English


Branded/owned social media accounts

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Slideshare

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